Thursday, August 26, 2010

I signed up to teach in Abu Dhabi, UAE!

Some people are asking, why would I want to teach in an Arabic Country? Hello?! The Emirates are one of the richest people on Earth! 

Check out the YouTube videos at the end of my blog.
This is how the idea began... I went with some of my girlfriends to see Sex in the City 2 earlier this year. I've always known about Dubai and Abu Dhabi. I watched the Discover Channel show the progress of the Burj al Arab being built for pete's sake but I really had a chance to see more of this amazing country in the movie. My jaw dropped at the sheer opulence of these places! I thought to myself....I have to go there! It became a "must visit" on my list of places to travel.

I am a certified teacher in Florida and have been looking for permanent work since 2008. It's been a challenge and sometimes frustrating not to get any calls for employment. People say it's because of a down economy but it still hurt my ego at times when no one even called me for an interview.  I got an office job to make ends meet and support my daughter while I continued my job search in Broward and Palm Beach County. Finally this August, a friend of mine called me from Port St. Lucie and told me our university alumni was teaching in Abu Dhabi. I was like really? Tell me more! She explained how he's been there a year and is doing well. They pay for your room and board along with a tax free salary. I became elated and the wires in my brain started to work. I asked her for his information immediately. I found out it's a teacher placement program called Teach Away! I asked more questions and was able to get a better feel for the program. I applied on their website on a Monday not really expecting a phone call because I have sent numerous resumes for the past two years and barely got a bite. On Tuesday I got a phone call from them to schedule a phone interview for Wednesday! I couldn't believe it! My phone interview went well so I was asked if I was serious to do the final in person interview in Atlanta, GA on Friday! I couldn't believe my ears so I spoke to my fianc√© and he quickly made plans for us to drive to Atlanta (13 hours). I get to the interview and then I realized this was for real. Everyone was very welcoming and I had everything on my end prepared. I impressed my interviewer (who I didn't know was the head person in charge of the program) because he gave me a contract on the spot! I had three days to decide! My head spun for three days. I researched, asked my loved ones opinions and did YouTube research on this country and all I could get was positive feedback. The decision was made and so I signed the contract to teach in the UAE August of 2010!

I'll be writing weekly posts on my experience so follow my blog and comments are welcome!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a really cool experience, glad you took my advice and called. You are a wonderful person and an AWESOME! teacher. Dubai is blessed that you agreed to take the position. GO GIRL. I will surly follow your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey Val! I am so happy for you. I'm sure you'll love it. I will do their summer program when I'm done with school. Looking forward to reading your blogs as I know they will be exciting. Tell me alllllllll about their food and how tasty it is. That'll be my plus! LOL! I'll check in on you. Smooches! Lynda A.

Bill said...

Thanks for the great post, those are some beautiful pics. I've really been interested/thinking about the opportunity to teach English in Abu Dhabi. I guess I'm just worried about the dangers, commitments involved with such a big decision. Any advice?

Teachergirl said...

Hi Bill, sorry for the late response. I understand your worries. Did you come to a decision? I chose to come back home because as a woman there were too many social issues that bothered me.

Stephen8 said...

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Steven Stewart said...

Burj Al Arab is already a name of its own. It has become a landmark in Dubai too. You can't miss it if you are there.

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